BTN #13 Battery Breakthrough 21/5/’15

This BTN  story was about how batterys are getting old and how they work it also says that batterys could soon be replaced with something more modern and reliable.

The way you get power for your house all starts with coal. Most of our energy comes from burning it or other fossil fuels. But we lose 70 per-cent of its power as heat when we do that and then we lose even more transporting it along electricity lines.

But burning coal is bad for the environment and causes polution so we have come up with some other solutions like wind farms or solar panels. But there is still a problem with that: reliability What if the wind stops blowing or we need energy at night when it’s not sunny? Well it will just stop we will have no energy and we cant do the things we need to do.

Batteries can be filled up with power that we can use whenever we like. So it doesn’t matter if there’s not enough wind or sun around, because we’d have enough stored away to keep everything running.

Unfortunately our current batteries aren’t that great. They don’t last very long, they don’t work very well, they’re pretty ugly, and they’re super expensive. So they weren’t good enough to let our homes run entirely on renewable energy.



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