Robert and son

The sun was shining and the birds where chirping, of course Rover was barking. Robert grew up here in Ballarat and he was an only child living with his mum. Later in 1854 Roberts mum passed away and the young orphan was forced to find a job during the worst of times. The small kid got his first job at a local newspaper company

He didn’t really enjoy his job and soon in 1888 got a new job at a local petrol station. Robert was paid not very much but he liked his job so he continued it. He only made around 4 dollars a week.

Later when Robert was 24 he quit his job again and gained a new hobby constructing and building things so he decided to become a builder. This job was really hard but he enjoyed it, Robert continued this job until he was 50 when he got too old to do any more.

10 years later Robert still had a lot of money and he also still lived in his home that he grew up with his mum in. Later that year a new house was being built next door and before he knew it new neighbours had moved in. Robert was really happy that a new neighbour had moved in next door and that he won’t be lonely anymore.

Robert helped the neighbours move in some furniture and appliances and he made them feel very welcome. Only a couple of days later Robert and Jeromy were good friends. Every week Jeromy would visit Robert and they would crack jokes and go for long walks. Jeromy started to visit every day after school, telling Robert about his day.

Although they had their good times they both knew what was coming. Robert was old, he wasn’t going to be around much longer. One day after school, Jeromy asked, “What are you going to do with the rest of your life Robert?”

He paused and answered with a tear “I don’t know Jeromy, might as well stay here, or move somewhere, where I can get care, but I don’t know, I’ll have to think about it.”

Robert was now crying, Jeromy could tell whatever Robert was going to do he would be upset. But after a while of Robert thinking about it he decided that moving out was a good idea, Jeromy wasn’t so keen.

But he thought Robert should get what he wants and what he thinks he needs so he agreed.

“Jeromy where have you been?” asked his mum, Stacy.

“I stayed at Roberts for a bit longer, he said that he might move out.” Mumbled Jeromy with his head down, dragging his bag along the floor.

“Well he is 90; you can’t expect him to be with us forever.” Explained his mother.

“You better go help him to make up his mind tomorrow.”

Yes, I know.” Replied Jeromy.

After school when Jeromy went to visit Robert, there was not much up on his walls, no pictures or paintings and nothing up on his shelves. They were all gone. Jeromy was just great full that all his furniture was still there.

It was quite obvious that Robert had already started to pack, there was big boxes, bags and lots of tape around his house. Jeromy didn’t know what to fell he also knew that Robert had made up his mind and was going to move out and that it wasn’t going to be long until he does.

“Robert! It’s me, Jeromy, I’m here to visit, school has finished!” Shouted Jeromy at the top of his lungs.

Now you’re probably expecting me to say that there was no answer and that’s exactly what I’m going to do because there was no answer it was so quiet that Jeromy could still hear the echo from his voice, so quiet that for the first time in his life Jeromy was scared of silence, so quiet that the quiet-ness had Jeromy sure that he was going deaf.

Ok now Jeromy knew that Robert wasn’t home and before he went completely deaf he rushed out the door. Jeromy knew that Robert was always at his house when Jeromy comes to visit. So he rushed around town searching for Robert still 5 hours past it’s now 8:00pm and no sing of Robert, surely he had searched the whole town by now, He continued to look spreading out and going out towards the minefields, he paused for a second by a retirement home and a old man in a black coat, limping around, slower than Robert caught his eye he had seen that coat somewhere and he couldn’t figure out where, he walked inside and walked up to the man.

As soon as Jeromy entered the man exited but just as Jeromy was about to leave he again hears something familiar but decides to leave he need to keep on looking. Well Jeromy being Jeromy does need to leave but of course he doesn’t he turns around and follows the voice. It leads him right to the front of the building where he finds Rover.

“what are you doing here boy?”

Rover jumps up on Jeromy. “Robert, why are you here? I’ve been looking for you for over 5 hours you weren’t at your house when I came to visit so I got worried, and why is everything packed?”

“I’ve made my decision and I’m going to move out, I came here because this is the closest place for miles. I just didn’t want you to do all the work because I knew that if I told you earlier you would make sure that everything is done properly and I don’t want you to be under any stress.”

Jeromy helped Robert to move some of his stuff around to make him comfortable at his new home. He even made a little bed for Rover to stay in and Robert told Jeromy when he dies that Rover is his. Jeromy loved Rover a lot so he was happy.

Before Robert moved in he ordered a truck to help them move some of his furniture and then they took the rest in Robert’s car.

They had a little bit of extra time with the truck so seeing as though Jeromy wouldn’t see Robert much more they made the best out of it. Jeromy and Robert had never used a truck off road before. Maybe the fact that a 90 year old man also had an effect on them losing a wheel, falling over on their side and the $12 000 fine.

Jeromy still visited Robert, but it was never the same. It must have taken a lot for Robert to move.

Robert ended up selling the home after spending nearly his whole life in it, it had been a big part of his life, so had Jeromy, Stacy and Rover.

Buddies picnic

On Wedensday 9th of December all the year 5/6’s had an excursion. We took our buddies and went to the Royal Botanic Gardens. We went by bus and we left as the day started. When we got there there was three places we had to visit.

First our class went to the lake and had our recess. We filled out a sheet which we had to say what we see, feel, hear and what we smell. Then on the other side of the sheet we filled out how many of the animals we could find then we got to draw a picture of that animal. We counted 8 black swans, 8 black ducks, 4 eurasian coots, 6 dusky moorhens and 1 eel.

Next we went to the herb gardens. Again we had to fill in a sheet, we had to do the same at the start but then we had to fill in a picture and a description of pineapple sage and also a picture and description of lemon verbena.

Finally we went to the fern gully we walked on a bridge going through the gardens and again had to fill in what we see, hear, smell and what we feel. After that we got to draw a picture me and my buddy playing together.

Before we left we sat down with our buddies to eat our lunch, once everyone had finished we played one of the biggest games of duck, duck, goose ever with all six of the classes playing. After duck, duck, goose we had also one of the biggest games of toilet twiggy with all six of the classes playing again.

Then we got back on the bus and went back to school.


100wc #13

My stomach was aching “I can’t take it, it’s too high” it felt like if I tried to eat something, it wouldn’t be edible.
I rose further and further but still the felling stayed. As we slowly pulled up and stopped.
The felling had suddenly gone, maybe that because of the fact that we were now plummeting down around 300 feet and I couldn’t actually feel my stomach. I now felt sick very sick, I closed my eyes and prayed that I would make it out alive.
I’m never going on the big drop again!

100wc #10

But how could something so tiny do all this!
It started when I was on my way home from school, I heard gun shots and glass smashing. I went into the building not knowing what I was about to encounter. I caught a gimps of a gun as a it was withdrawn from a pocket.
The tiny man backed away, and then stepped froward and told me to “go away”
his voice echoed it was sharp and sounded very pretentious.
“But how could something so tiny do all this!”
“Go away!” he repeated.
Seldom will I come this way again!

100WC #8

It was horrible, I couldn’t imagine anything like it.

It all started when i was skipping home after a long rainy day. When i was walking i tripped over taring my skirt and I looked back to see what I tripped on. A big skeleton emerged into the ground was looking strait at me. It was screaming at me to go away, but I stayed, it was like a drowning panda screaming “Gull, Gull!” Yes Gull the terrific but the terrible, “he must have killed this person!” I thought.

I ran as fast as I could, for my own safety, Gull was coming, I could feel it

Red 100wc #9 12/11/2015

“Fred look out they’re shooting”
“I’ve realized mat. Run to that tree we can climb up and then we will be safe.”
“I’m right behind ya.”
“according to Jeff the war will end soon!” shouted Fred
“I hope so because this tree isn’t very spacious.” replied mat
“what are you boys doing up there?” shouted Jeff from down below
“Haven’t you ever heard the myth that if you stay in that tree for too long everything will go red and you will most defiantly die!” exclaimed Jeff
Then it went red. Mat and Fred fall to the floor, and died.

100wc #7

Jim was a yr 7 student at Brunswick and today was his first day of school. He was all ready to go and he was about to leave for school with two of his friends. But of course his mum had to give him a goodbye first because she is one of those parents that never leaves you alone.
And she just couldn’t stop crying, she had tears poring out of her system. I don’t think it was very healthy either. I cant imagine what Jim’s mum will be like when he leaves home.

it felt like 100wc 26/10/2015

Today i’m going to go to the fair with my best friend Leroy. We are going to be there for 5 whole hours.

When we got there everybody was so exited and we could hear all of the screams from the rides. Straight away when we got to the fair we walked in and looked up and this amazing ride that goes 100 meters high.

We brought our tickets and went on. When we were on the ride we were very nervous but we did it. The ride was going up and it felt like I had no legs, it felt like I was falling.

Poetic Words and Lines [lesson- literacy I.N.B] 1.09.2015

On the 1st of September 2015 we had a literacy lesson on poetic words and lines. In this lesson we learnt how authors can play with their words and lines to give their poem the feel and sound that they want it to have.

We practiced this in our activity. We had to create different cards with nouns, verbs, adjectives, small words, colors, adverbs, pronouns and conjunctions. With those words we created a poem and this is the one the me and my group came up with.

There once was a big fat dinosaur,

Who came from the ………………..Cretaceous age!

He appeared in the world by a teleportater,

and he wanted to eat a bunch of patates,

But …….there was a patate crisis in Ireland

So he stomped trough the city, da nan na nan na nan na nan

and into the sea, da nan na nan na nan na nan

then to Scotland, da nan na nan na nan na nan

But………………there was a patate crisis in Scotland, ………………. da nan na nan na nan na nan

So he made his way,  wi wi   wi wi   wi wi  wi wi

to somewhere else, wi wi   wi wi   wi wi  wi wi

and ate all the patates, wi wi   wi wi   wi wi  wi wi

in France, da nan na nan na

and that’s how he became………………….the big fat………………dinosaur  YAY!

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